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A Design Professional Who Values Results

What a blast!

I know I’ve worked with some great people when I can look back on my project successes as not only fantastic results, but as a fun time! That’s the best experience - team members who value straightforward feedback, clients who tell it like it is, and the relief of sharing a solid laugh when things don’t go quite as you predicted (because things never go quite as you predicted!)

Check out what my clients have said about our shared experiences

"Working with Ashley has been such a pleasure… She delivered everything to me within my budget and with more than enough time with the deadline I gave her. I had a vision of what I wanted and Ashley gave me EXACTLY what I was looking for to the tee! I LOVED what she was able to produce and the quality of work! I highly recommend her. She’s efficient, professional and definitely dedicated to making her clients happy!"

- Andrea, Author in Michigan

"Ashley designed and printed my shower, invitation, and thank-you cards for my wedding...She really cared about putting together something that I would love and her passion for her craft spoke for itself in her work. To this day, I am STILL receiving compliments on everything she made!"

 - Caitlyn, Bride in Michigan

"Ashley saw my vision and patiently, kindly and enthusiastically helped guide me while she worked out the technical aspects of the project…she has gone out of her way to facilitate the multi-steps needed to get to where we have completed this series of work.  Knowing she is an interested and highly capable partner, I look forward to the next series of work to accomplish with her."

- Joan, Artist in California

That's me!

Brush Strokes
😊 Can’t wait for our next collaboration. Great to work with you too, thank you for all of your help and advice as always. Appreciate you!"

-Annalie, Sr. Marketing Coor. in Los Angeles
"Hi Ashley, 
You are awesome. Thank you! Uploaded and submitted!!! Now let's hope they accept them!🤞 Thank you so much again for all of your help! 
I was able to download and these look GREAT!! I just showed my boyfriend and he said "Wow how'd they do that!" hah. Thank you so much for all of the help with this!!! Definitely will use you for any future projects."

-Noelani, Builder in Hawaii
"This looks BEAUTIFUL. I wish I could see it in person! It will make a great gift!...Thanks again for everything, this was a fun one.
The bookmark was a great surprise. And agreed, I love how the stitching turned out. I’m very happy with it. Glad I made it easy for you, I have a big passion for print so it’s great to work with you and appreciate your eye and opinions! Thanks for getting this up to the level it needed to be"

-Annalie, Sr. Marketing Coor. in Los Angeles

— Name, Title

"He loves it!  Says it's very useful and helpful to be able to reference everything.  Able to do his job more easily and especially in these hard times.  Thank you so much!"

-Beatriz, Contractor in Los Angeles
"Hi Ashley,
The boards came out amazing! Thank you so much!
My boss loved the boards and he was wondering if it is possible to send you another pdf for one more board?"

- Max, Marketing Coordinator in Los Angeles
"You’ve made this work so much more interesting and fun.

- Joan, Artist in Santa Monica


Project Management

Print & Production Specialist

I have 5 years of project management experience in print production. I have a long history of completing design projects, specifically in the print industry, from start to finish. That means taking all necessary steps with the client including vision, pricing, and scheduling, through colleague teamwork processes and constant hands-on collaboration, all the way to finishing, fulfillment, and delivery. This process, which has become so familiar to me, requires patience, flexibility, and superb communication skills.

Systems Creation

Show your Work

Consistency is maintained by setting up working systems which enable actions to be completed in a similar way each time. Systems show workflow, enhance productivity, assist with Data analysis, ensure reliability, and allow me to pass on knowledge in a way that is simple to digest. Systems also allow me and the companies I work with find holes in our game - an invaluable asset.


The secret to being a team player

Nourished since my days as a University Newspaper Intern Reporter, I’ve honed the art of communication through a decade of professional back-and-forth. I have not only perfected the art of writing an email, I’m also a millennial who has no fear of in-person eye contact and who loves public speaking! When I have questions, I ask. When I have solutions, I share. I’m up front, straightforward, and I love to have fun while I learn new things. 


After years of working as a Graphic Designer and Production Specialist, I decided to take the leap into UX Design and Content Creation. See below some of my favorite projects from the past.

Dog Waving Paw_edited_edited.jpg

Let's Talk

I'm always interested in hearing about new opportunities. If you're looking for someone reliable, or just want to connect, please submit your message and I'll get back to you within 24hrs

Talk to you soon!

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